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We strive for excellence in research by coordinating activities within the School of Medicine with those of the UCI Office of Research to ensure our investigators operate in an arena where they have access to the most current technologies. We provide strong administrative support for our faculty members as they seek funding from federal agencies, industry, foundations and private philanthropy.

We provide our investigators with key facilities to support their research and offer support for clinical trials through the Center for Clinical Research, Stern Center for Cancer Clinical Trials, and the Alpha Stem Cell Clinic.

Office of Research

The Office of Research facilitates opportunities for collaboration and entrepreneurship by ensuring access to the most current technologies and connecting researchers with target audiences, including federal agencies, investors and industry partners.

Leadership & Staff

Our mission is to provide support and assistance in all areas of research administration.


Research activities conducted at the UCI School of Medicine enhance the health of our communities, creating a brighter future for everyone. Your contribution will help ensure we can continue our vital work.

Researcher working in Gross Hall

COVID-19 Response Efforts

Get detailed information about our COVID-19 response efforts regarding conducting research and adhering to new safety guidelines and protocols.