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Guidance from the federal government highlights the importance of disclosing financial interests, affiliations, activities, and relationships with foreign entities. At UCI, international collaboration is very important. However, it is also important to be aware of disclosure requirements and compliance procedures UCI has in place to protect faculty members. Among the issues that are often problematic are:    

  • Conflict of Commitment not filed annually
  • Conflict of Interest not filed when needed
  • “Other Support” reporting is incomplete
  • Funding agencies are not updated on new foreign engagements
  • Lack of awareness of regulations regarding international collaboration and possible threats

The UCI Office of Research has provided detailed guidance and contact information on their website. 

UCI Office of Research

Guidance on Peer Review


Individuals serving on NIH, NSF or other federal agency scientific peer review panels should note and comply with all requirements to maintain the confidentiality of the information in research grant applications. In addition, researchers should refrain from approaching individuals on committees reviewing applications.

NIH Peer Review Policies and Practices

To improve transparency and streamline faculty reporting, the UC has created the Outside Activity Tracking System (OATS), a simple, web-based interactive application through which university faculty members can report outside activities and income, in accordance with UCOP conflict of commitment policies. The system is designed to help faculty understand these and related policies.