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The Dean of the School of Medicine will decide on the viability of a proposal for a SOM School Center. Once the application to establish a Center has been completed by the requesting faculty, it must be submitted to the Dean’s Office of Research. Proposals will be reviewed by the Senate Committee for Research, which could ask for clarification and make their recommendation to the Dean. The Dean will make the final determination as to whether the proposed School Center will be established. If the application is successful, the Dean will submit the name of the proposed Center to the Vice Chancellor of Research for approval. (Note: The use of the word “Institute” in the title remains restricted to approved ORUs and multicampus research programs.)

The Dean of the School will be responsible for the following:

  • Establishing procedures for submitting proposals for School Centers;
  • Appointing the Director and determining the term of service;
  • Establishing terms of existence; a period of three to five years is recommended, with provisions for review by the Dean at the end of the term to reaffirm the merits of the Center and to renew its term;
  • Budget, space, and administration or administrative oversight; and
  • Any review the Dean deems necessary.

After submission by the Dean, the Vice Chancellor for Research will review the proposed names of School Centers for distinctiveness and appropriateness of the title. The Office of Research will maintain a list of the approved School Center names. Use of the word "Institute" in the title remains restricted to approved Organized Research Units (ORUs) and multicampus research programs. Proposals for designation as a School Center will not be subject to review by the Academic Senate.

School Centers may be listed on academic unit Websites and the Office of Research Website. However, only ORUs, Campus Centers, Special Research Programs, and multicampus research programs will be highlighted on the UCI Web page of research organizations and in the database maintained by the UC Office of the President.

For other Research Centers outside the School of Medicine, please review the following information from the UCI Office of Research: