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Mission-based Programs

The UCI School of Medicine's mission-based programs focus on areas of healthcare for which a specific need has been identified. Students enrolled in these programs will enhance their general medical school training by receiving additional in-depth training in specific areas of healthcare.
Rachel Rychlock is an acupuncture therapist who conducts remote acupressure therapy. Photography by Steve Zylius.
Health Education to Advance Leaders in Integrative Medicine (HEAL-IM)

HEAL-IM is designed to train future physicians in the practice of compassionate, evidence-based integrative medicine. Students will learn to deliver whole-person care by incorporating foundational elements — balanced nutrition, mindfulness, physical activity, emotion and stress, and social support — into their medical practice. In addition, students will have the opportunity to take an additional year to obtain a certificate in advanced integrative medicine or a master’s degree supporting the effective implementation of integrative medicine practices.

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LEAD-ABC welcome lunch
Programs in Medical Education Leadership Education to Advance Diversity-African, Black and Caribbean (PRIME LEAD-ABC)

PRIME LEAD-ABC is intended to develop physician leaders to address the healthcare needs of the African, Black and Caribbean communities. Students in the program will receive in-depth training on the unique health care concerns in these communities. The program offers an optional year to obtain a master's degree in an area that will advance their ability to effect change in the delivery of healthcare for these communities.

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Jesus Ulloa teaching at summer research program for PRIME-LC
Programs in Medical Education for the Latino Community (PRIME-LC)

PRIME-LC is a mission-based, dual-degree program intended to address the needs of underserved Latino communities. PRIME-LC students are enrolled in a five-year program that culminates in a medical and master's degree in an area of emphasis, e.g., public health, public policy or business. Upon completion of the program, students will have received in-depth cultural, linguistic and leadership training that will enable them to serve the diverse communities of California, particularly underserved Latino populations.

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