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Student Experience

From cultural field trips, to teaching exercises, and community health workshops, PRIME LEAD-ABC students are poised to change the future of healthcare for the Black, African, and Caribbean communities.
"I want to serve my community by providing the best healthcare I can while being cognizant of the biases and potential barricades patients/people in my community face." -Sean Williams, 2021 graduate of LEAD-ABC & UCI School of Medicine

In August 2019, PRIME LEAD-ABC scholars and affiliate faculty visited the California African-American Museum to reflect on the intersections of historic and current narratives, art, and health.

The PRIME LEAD-ABC curriculum is designed to foster skills in reflection, advocacy, and public speaking. A core interactive lecture during the first-year of PRIME LEAD-ABC supports students’ ability to brainstorm about and create projects addressing the unique needs of Black Communities in Orange County, with awareness of community resources, and strengths.

Service learning experiences are a valued component of PRIME LEAD-ABC scholars’ training. Scholars lead diverse EAGLE(squared) (Enriching Anti-racism work Generating Learning Equity and Empowerment) initiatives.