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Upon graduation, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the unique health concerns affecting ABC communities
  • Conduct culturally sensitive history and physical exams of patients from an ABC community
  • Develop a service-learning project that examines and addresses health disparities that disproportionately affect ABC communities
  • Serve as mentors and future leaders who will advance the provision of quality care to ABC communities
Enriching Anti-racism work Generating Learning, Equity & Empowerment (EAGLE)

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4


Research or Global Health Project (Optional)

MS3 Grp Check-In Meeting & Career Planning

MS4 Grp Check-In Meeting & Career Planning


Orientation & Learning Skills Development

Orientation & Learning Skills Development

Personal Statement & CV Review Session


Social Determinants of Health**

Code-Switching 101

Health Narratives RAPS Session - Intersectionality & Balancing Identities


Imposter Syndrome

PACE Session: Anti-Black Racism & Health***


Capacity Building

Capacity Building Lecture Small Group Facilitators

Health Narratives RAPS Session - Access to Health Systems

Interview Season


3rd Year Rotation Planning Session

Rotation Planning Session Small Group Facilitators for MS2s

Interview Season


Code-Switching 201

Health Narratives RAPS Session - Structural Competency

Interview Season


SNMA Black Health Matters Series

SNMA Black Health Matters Series

SNMA Black Health Matters Series

SNMA Black Health Matters Series


Food Insecurity & Active Play/Physical Activity Equity

Dedicated Study Time

Health Narratives RAPS Session - Social Justice & Health Equity

LEAD-ABC Harvest Senior Elective** & Match Day!


Resilience Lecture

Dedicated Study Time

Health Policy Elective**


Dedicated Study Time

Health Narratives RAPS Session - Dismantling the Four I's of Oppression

LEAD-ABC Graduation Event


LEAD-ABC Summer Pre-Health Academy

UCI School of Medicine Graduation

Monthly Art of Doctoring Course (20 sessions, once a week - September through March) - Dr. Sosa Johnson

LEAD-ABC First Friday Family Check-Ins & Topical Discussions (as needed)

*Service Learning Projects are to be aligned with or stretch PRIME LEAD-ABC EAGLE2 Initiatives
*PRIME-LC and PRIME LEAD-ABC Joint Session
**Confronting Anti-Blackness Curriculum (CABC) for entire school of Medicine