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The program will file the Death Certificate in the jurisdiction of the local health department of the donor’s death. It can take around 2 weeks before this process is completed. Please contact the county agency of the donor’s death for specific information as to the options for obtaining certified death certificates.

Government and Military Agency Notification

Below is a list of possible agencies that may be notified of the death. Because each case is unique, the following links may not be complete.

Tissue and Organ Donation

Information on how to become a tissue and organ donor for patient transplant may be found through the following links.

My grandmother spent her sunset years in Orange County and pledged her body to UCI through the Willed Body Program before she passed. At that time I was 17, a senior in high school with no dreams of going to medical school. I had no idea how her gift would impact my future, and neither did she. She did it because it was right, because she wanted to invest in future generations, and because she wanted her life and her body to be a part of the greater healing of the world. I reflected upon the significance of her great gift many times throughout our Anatomy course this year... about how much she gave to students just like me back then, about how grateful I am that generous, forward-thinking donors like her still exist today for me to learn and benefit from. I chose to go to medical school to become a healer, to give my life and energy to the greater healing of the world. Every donor we worked with this year, like my grandmother in her own time, can say the same. -Anna M. Rasmussen, first-year medical student at UCI School of Medicine