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PhD in Biomedical Sciences and Dual MD/PhD Programs

The PhD degree in Biomedical Sciences offers graduate study in one of five participating basic science departments training students in biomedical research and critical inquiry with the goal of a research-based career in academia, biomedical technology and related fields.

The Medical Scientist Training program (MSTP) leads to dual MD/PhD degrees. Graduates find work in clinical medicine, academic research and translational fields.

computer rendering of a neuron
Anatomy & Neurobiology

The Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology is world-leading in neuroscience where molecular, anatomical and physiological discoveries integrate in the development of new treatments for neurological diseases.

Anatomy & Neurobiology Program
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Biological Chemistry

The Department of Biological Chemistry provides advanced training to individuals who are interested in understanding the fine regulation of the biological processes, structural basis of the regulation, and the identification of targets for disease management.

Biological Chemistry Program
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Microbiology & Molecular Genetics

The Department of Microbiology & Molecular Genetics provides advanced training to individuals interested in the regulation of gene expression and the structural and functional properties of proteins encoded by these genes.

Microbiology & Molecular Genetics Program
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Physiology & Biophysics

The Department of Physiology & Biophysics offers research opportunities in a wide spectrum of areas from understanding medically-relevant molecular processes to chemical processes and metabolic reactions in cells.

Physiology & Biophysics Program
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Experimental Pathology

The Experimental Pathology program emphasizes experimental approaches to better understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms of disease, particularly human disease.

Experimental Pathology Program
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The Medical Scientist Training Program offers a dual MD and PhD degree program uniquely tailored to the individual student’s specific area of research interest.

The purpose of the MSTP is to train individuals who can understand and contribute to advances in research and apply those advances to the medical care field. Since our first MD/PhD students entered the program in 1980, the UCI MSTP has grown and flourished. Today, our students and associated faculty pursue research in fields such as stem cell biology, cancer biochemistry, human brain mapping, and immunology, among others.

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