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PhD Interdisciplinary Programs

Biomedical scientists must possess a breadth of multidisciplinary knowledge and the skill to translate this knowledge towards disease treatment. Students have the opportunity to train with participating faculty gaining exposure to research approaches before deciding on an area for focused dissertation work. Training is rigorous while cognizant of the need for a balanced lifestyle for students of all backgrounds.
Grad student working on lab project
Cellular & Molecular Biosciences (CMB)

The goal of the CMB program is to launch the careers of the next generation of scientists who will tackle some of the most important questions facing humankind.

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Michael Yassa group demonstrating MRI brain scan technology in FIBRE lab
Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program (INP)

INP students benefit from an integrated exposure to the Neurosciences at UCI initially, followed by an informed entry into one of several departmental programs.

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Postdoc Michael Zulu in biologist Ilhem Messaoudi's lab
Mathematical, Computational & Systems Biology (MCSB)

Students studying systems biology receive basic training in principles of biology, mathematics, engineering and computer science to study the living world as built on interacting sets of complex systems crafted by natural selection to carry out defined tasks.

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