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Website Redesign & Migration Projects

This enterprise-level initiative will create unified, modern, functional and visually appealing UCI-branded websites for the School of Medicine. The new platform will enhance the user and site administrator experience and expand website functionality.

Website Migration Update & March 31, 2024 Cascade 7 (C7) Cut-off Date

On March 31, 2024, campus OIT will retire the Cascade 7 (C7) Content Management System, and all C7 sites will be set to “sunset” status (read-only, no edits possible). Starting April 1, those sites will remain as they are indefinitely until they are decommissioned.

We understand the importance of keeping your website content current and accessible and are actively prioritizing all C7 website migration projects. However, due to the volume of sites, we anticipate some sites will not be fully migrated before the March 31 deadline. To ensure your C7 website information is current, we encourage you to take the following proactive steps before March 31. 

Important Dates

March 31, 2024:  The cut-off date for editing existing C7 sites. Campus OIT will retire the C7 Content Management System (CMS), and all C7 sites will be set to “sunset” status. This means sites will remain live but no longer editable (read-only).

April 1, 2024: Updates are on hold for websites that have yet to start the migration process. All edits will be addressed during the migration process. For websites that have begun or completed their migration, edits can be made directly on the new site.   

Action Required

Review your C7 website content: If your website is listed below, please review its content now. Ensure information is current before the March 31 cut-off date.

Minor updates

Review content for accuracy, factual inconsistencies and outdated information. Submit updates via our web edit request form as soon as possible. Examples of minor updates include:

  • Update contact information.
  • Fix broken links.
  • Correct a small section of outdated information.
  • Unpublish entire pages with obsolete content.

Web Edit Request Form

Larger website overhauls

Please do not submit a web edit request. You’ll have the opportunity to discuss significant updates during the content review and migration process, which will begin in the coming months.

Please contact the Digital Communications Team at with any questions about a site or updating content before the March 31 cut-off.

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* Your site is not listed below if you have already started the migration process with us.

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Last Updated: March 5, 2024