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Completion of the consent forms in the donor registration packet is required for enrollment into the Willed Body Program.  The document of gift must be witnessed by two persons or notarized by a duly authorized California Notary Public.  Prior to death, a person can self-register.  After death, a legally authorized representative (family or agent) may be able to authorize donation.

The university reserves the right to accept or reject an anatomical gift as set forth by health and safety codes.

Unless provided in the donor’s will, the family or estate of the donor may decline to assume the financial responsibility of transportation from outside the 200-mile transportation radius.  If this occurs, the Willed Body Program may relinquish all claims to the body.  It is important to be aware of donation limitations and ensure the surviving family member or friend  is aware of the donors’ alternate disposition plans. 

Where a heart once beat, flowers grew. Where blood once flowed, students coursed through. Tracing trunks to branches, nerves to their roots, Deep in the layers we found something new. Lives long lived with stories to tell, A life-sized book, we read when you willed. Thank you for giving, for teaching and knowing That your act forged friendships from learning and doing. And even in death, your actions begin anew. Where a heart once beat, Students grew. --Christina Cantwell, second-year medical student at UCI School of Medicine