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Master's Programs

The School of Medicine offers graduate study in a wide variety of fields in both basic science and clinical departments. Programs leading to a Master of Science degree include Biomedical and Translational Science (MS-BATS) and Genetic Counseling.

Both the Biomedical & Translational Science, MS (MS-BATS) and the Genetic Counseling, MS have a graduate advisor who can assist students with information about the individual programs. Most training takes place within one of the departments, although full facilities and curricular offerings are available throughout the School of Medicine. Interdisciplinary study and research are encouraged. The normative time to degree is two years.


MS in Biomedical and Translational Science

The aim of the MS-BATS program is to train students in the conduct of high-quality multidisciplinary clinical research to facilitate the rapid transformation of basic knowledge to clinical medicine.

image of a man standing in front of DNA letters

MS in Genetics Counseling

The goal of the Genetics Counseling program is to graduate students who have developed the practice-based skills and competency of an entry-level genetic counselor.

Admission and Application information may be obtained by contacting the individual graduate programs and by contacting the UCI Graduate Division.

University of California, Irvine
Graduate Division
120 Aldrich Hall
Irvine, CA 92697-4611


UCI Graduate Division