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The dean of the School of Medicine's specific duties and responsibilities are enumerated below:


  • Reports to the vice chancellor for Health Affairs — with a dotted-line reporting relationship to the UCI provost that includes regularly scheduled meetings
  • Serves on the College of Health Sciences executive leadership team
  • Serves on the UC Irvine Medical Center executive leadership team
  • Serves on the UCI Health Strategic Plan executive committee
  • Supervises all School of Medicine vice deans and associate deans
  • Supervises all School of Medicine department chairs
  • Oversees all School of Medicine departments, centers and institutes
  • Adjudicates staff grievances in conjunction with human resources and legal counsel
  • Ensures diversity of faculty, students and senior administrative staff
  • Ensures that local and system‐wide policies, including Academic Senate regulations, are observed

Faculty Affairs

  • Presides over the School of Medicine faculty
  • Approves recruitments for faculty in the In‐Residence, Clinical X, Health Science Clinical and Adjunct series
  • Approves recruitments for faculty in the Line (FTE) series
  • Approves and signs tentative offer letters for faculty
  • Approves searches for School of Medicine department chairs, including the composition of the search committee and search firm, and chair appointment
  • Adjudicates faculty grievances in conjunction with academic personnel and legal counsel
  • Responsible for compensation plan approvals, academic programmatic unit (APU) changes and exceptions


  • Serves as the School of Medicine's chief academic officer
  • Responsible official for accreditation by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME)
  • Responsible for oversight of Medical Education, including the planning, implementation and evaluation of the education program for medical students
  • Responsible for oversight of doctoral and master’s programs in the School of Medicine


  • Responsible for oversight of all research matters for the School of Medicine
  • Responsible for review/approval of requests for research equipment or infrastructure improvements
  • Responsible for review/approval of requests for research space
  • Responsible for review/approval of requests for financial support of facilities


  • Engaged in clinical strategic planning for the health system as a member of the College of Health Sciences executive leadership team
  • Approves clinical effort and assignments for all School of Medicine faculty


  • Responsible for School of Medicine finances
  • Approves budgets for Medical Education and all departments
  • Approves the dean’s delegated financial transactions (i.e. Total Negotiated Salary requests, bonus payments, and all items requiring dean’s exceptional approval)
  • Approves the dean’s delegated contracts, grants and affiliation agreements

Infrastructure (Space, Equipment)

  • Responsible for the allocation of all School of Medicine space, with advice from the SRAAC Committee
  • Approves space renovation and improvement projects
  • Reviews equipment purchase requests

The Dean carries out these duties with and may delegate duties to vice, associate, and assistant deans.

For more information on the role of deans, you may also view the University of California's Academic Personnel Manual.