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The dean of the School of Medicine's specific duties and responsibilities are enumerated below:


  • Reports to the vice chancellor for Health Affairs — with a dotted-line reporting relationship to the UCI provost that includes regularly scheduled meetings
  • Serves on the College of Health Sciences executive leadership team
  • Serves on the UC Irvine Medical Center executive leadership team
  • Serves on the UCI Health Strategic Plan executive committee
  • Supervises all School of Medicine vice deans and associate deans
  • Supervises all School of Medicine department chairs
  • Oversees all School of Medicine departments, centers and institutes
  • Adjudicates staff grievances in conjunction with human resources and legal counsel
  • Ensures diversity of faculty, students and senior administrative staff
  • Ensures that local and system‐wide policies, including Academic Senate regulations, are observed

Faculty Affairs

  • Presides over the School of Medicine faculty
  • Approves recruitments for faculty in the In‐Residence, Clinical X, Health Science Clinical and Adjunct series
  • Approves recruitments for faculty in the Line (FTE) series
  • Approves and signs tentative offer letters for faculty
  • Approves searches for School of Medicine department chairs, including the composition of the search committee and search firm, and chair appointment
  • Adjudicates faculty grievances in conjunction with academic personnel and legal counsel
  • Responsible for compensation plan approvals, academic programmatic unit (APU) changes and exceptions


  • Serves as the School of Medicine's chief academic officer
  • Responsible official for accreditation by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME)
  • Responsible for oversight of Medical Education, including the planning, implementation and evaluation of the education program for medical students
  • Responsible for oversight of doctoral and master’s programs in the School of Medicine


  • Responsible for oversight of all research matters for the School of Medicine
  • Responsible for review/approval of requests for research equipment or infrastructure improvements
  • Responsible for review/approval of requests for research space
  • Responsible for review/approval of requests for financial support of facilities


  • Engaged in clinical strategic planning for the health system as a member of the College of Health Sciences executive leadership team
  • Approves clinical effort and assignments for all School of Medicine faculty
  • Direct report from the senior associate dean for Quality and Safety
  • Direct report from the vice dean for Clinical Affairs


  • Responsible for School of Medicine finances
  • Approves budgets for Medical Education and all departments
  • Approves the dean’s delegated financial transactions (i.e. Total Negotiated Salary requests, bonus payments, and all items requiring dean’s exceptional approval)
  • Approves the dean’s delegated contracts, grants and affiliation agreements

Infrastructure (Space, Equipment)

  • Responsible for the allocation of all School of Medicine space, with advice from the SRAAC Committee
  • Approves space renovation and improvement projects
  • Reviews equipment purchase requests

For more information on the role of deans, you may also view the University of California's Academic Personnel Manual.