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Scripps Natural Supplements Conference

MS2 and MS4 students may participate in the evidence-based Scripps Natural Supplements Conference, an annual conference hosted by Scripps Health in San Diego in January. The conference features nationally recognized speakers who review the latest evidence for the role of nutrition and selected supplements in health and disease.

Optional Advanced Integrative Medicine Training

During the MS4 Year, HEAL-IM students have the opportunity to use elective time to take additional Integrative training in one of the following certificate programs:

  • Acupuncture
  • Osteopathic manipulation
  • Medical hypnosis
  • Culinary medicine
  • Biofeedback

HEAL-IM students in good standing are eligible to receive up to $6,000 towards certificate program tuition and fees.

PACE Clerkship

The PACE program (Patient-Centered Clerkship) is a longitudinal clinical rotation for all UCI first and second year medical students, designed to introduce clinical knowledge and skills to students and to integrate basic science training into the clinical setting.  Though not guaranteed, HEAL-IM students may have the opportunity to be matched with integrative medicine clinic practices at UC Irvine Medical Center, the Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute and in other offsite clinical locations in community.

The summer after the first year of the HEAL-IM program, students may apply to participate in Leadership and Educational Program for Students in Integrative Medicine (LEAPS-IM) — The Oceanside-based program is focused on developing leadership skills, Integrative Medicine education, self-care skills and designing IM projects to implement at medical students' home schools. Students are expected to implement a project at their home institution and are eligible to apply for a $200-grant to fund the project.


Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute

UCI’s Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute (SSIHI) created the Health Education to Advance Leaders in Integrative Medicine (HEAL-IM) in partnership with the UCI School of Medicine. Students may learn from the Institute’s clinical instructors about the philosophies and tools of osteopathy, functional medicine, integrative medicine, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture/TCM; and better understand when to partner with other integrative practitioners.

Teaching Kitchen Ribbon Cutting with Susan Samueli and UCI Health leadership.