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A generous gift

The HEAL-IM Program is made possible by a gift from Henry and Susan Samueli. In addition to providing the generous support needed for interested medical students to benefit from integrative health training and mentoring with UCI faculty, the gift allows for HEAL-IM students to pursue optional external training. It also provides partial scholarships for the senior year of medical school.

First-Year Students

First-year students accepted into the LEAPS into IM program the summer between MS1 and MS2 years may have their tuition and lodging fees paid for by HEAL-IM. They are also encouraged to take the Mindfulness for Medical Students series with fees paid for by HEAL-IM.



Second-Year Students

Students in MS2 year will continue monthly participation in the HEAL-IM Seminar Series which hosts a variety of Speakers on Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine.


Third-Year Students

Third-year students will be busy with wards so we minimize HEAL-IM activities for this year. We encourage them to start making plans for HEAL-IM projects in their MS4 year.


Fourth-Year Students

Fourth-year students in good academic standing will receive a partial scholarship of $10,000 towards tuition and fees for the senior year. They may also receive up to $3,000 towards advanced integrative medicine training vetted by the program. The program will also cover registration and lodging for the Scripps Evidence-Based Natural Supplements Annual Meeting.

Despite our technological advances, too many people still suffer from chronic conditions such as pain, diabetes and heart disease or are caught in a cycle of taking too many medications. We must change what we mean by ‘healthcare’ and how we train all who provide care, including physicians, nurses and pharmacists. Today’s health science students ask about integrative health from day one; harnessing that interest is key to turning our national system in a better direction. -Susan Samueli, a noted champion and practitioner of integrative health, along with two HEAL-IM students Michael Head, and Celine Phong.