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Established by UCI School of Medicine in 2004, PRIME-LC offers an enhanced medical school curriculum that includes coursework emphasizing leadership, advocacy and service. Each year, PRIME-LC admits about 12 Spanish-speaking students who go on to practice in a wide array of medical specialties.
Submit Application

First, apply through the AMCAS application to the UCI School of Medicine. While filling out the secondary application, select the option to be considered for PRIME-LC.

Apply Now

Applicants must be selected for an interview with the School of Medicine before being selected for an interview with PRIME-LC.  Applicants to PRIME-LC will complete an extra interview in Spanish.

Review Period & Acceptance

The School of Medicine interview committee and the PRIME-LC interview committee will review your application. Students must be accepted to the School of Medicine before being accepted to PRIME-LC. Remember, you do NOT need to be Latino to apply for PRIME-LC. However, conversational Spanish is a requirement, given the curriculum and target patient population.

"I've always had an interest in business, and I wanted to learn how it could be used for a social good. My MBA helped me to understand the structure of the healthcare system, and PRIME-LC taught me to be compassionate and thoughtful in my approach to my patients." -Caleb Shumway, who received his master's in Business Administration from UCI