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  • The vendor event being held at UCI School of Medicine must be sponsored by a campus department or unit and approved by the department chair or unit faculty director.
  • Notify the UCI School of Medicine Office of Research by submitting the completed planning form at least two weeks prior to the event. 
  • Vendors participating in the vendor event are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance. Additional information regarding this requirement is found on the UCI Zot! Portal website.
  • Food is considered a gift; therefore, it is not permissible for vendors to provide food to attendees. See the UC “Health Care Vendor Relations Policy” section IV, paragraph C. 
  • However, if the vendor(s) and department/unit agree that food is to be served, the vendor has the option of making a non-encumbered gift to the department/unit or to the UCI School of Medicine Office of Research. Then, UCI staff can, if appropriate, facilitate the purchase and provision of the food.