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Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) provides campus-wide support for training, monitoring, and ensuring a safe and healthy environment supporting academic and research excellence at UCI.


EH&S Policies and Programs provides a host of resources for biosafety, environmental management, fire safety, general safety, health inspections, laboratory and research safety, occupational health safety, and radiation safety.


EH&S also provides personal protective equipment (PPE) based on assessment of the hazards associated with various research activities.


EH&S has developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) related to specific operations and experiments, as well as training regarding unique hazards and processes encountered in specific work units.


Finally, EH&S has compiled health and safety information regarding research and work-related activities during the COVID-19 response effort.

UCI Covid-19 Response

The UCI School of Medicine Office of Research is partnering with EH&S to help ensure the safest possible work environment for laboratory personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please visit the UCI Covid-19 Response Center for the latest policies and procedures related to COVID-19 and check for updates each week in Research Insider.