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The following guidelines and considerations are set forth by the Space Resource Allocation Advisory Committee (SRAAC) and utilized to determine space allocations in UCI School of Medicine buildings.


  • Grant-based expenditures averaged over three years (comparative within buildings)
  • Award funding averaged over three years
  • Awards in the last fiscal year
  • Number, percentage time and type of personnel in the laboratory (Note that bays in the Sprague, Gillespie, Hewitt open-style laboratory that have three desks are expected on average to accommodate three researchers)
  • Requirements to accommodate specific types of investigational equipment
  • Evidence of scholarly activity (publications, invited lectures, awards, etc)
  • Active senate faculty have the highest priority for office space; recall or emeritus faculty may be expected to share offices
  • Department chairs and ORU directors (depending on activity) may have consideration for larger offices or office suites to accommodate staff or meetings
  • Whether “unfunded” or “underfunded” faculty are junior and new to UCI, or whether faculty can be expected to regain or increase funding in the near future
  • Contribution to building the mission of the UCI School of Medicine

Relocation expenses and procedures:

In the case of a closure or relocation of a laboratory, the laboratory or department that has been using the space is responsible to coordinate with EHS for any required reagent/hazard clearances, pay the expenses associated with removal of laboratory-specific items and clean the space to the level that facilities standardly provides.  If this is not completed by the department it will be requisitioned by the Dean’s office and the department charged.

In situations in which SRAAC has recommended a relocation that is subsequently endorsed by the Dean, but which was not initiated by the investigator or the department, the Dean’s Office (on a case by case basis) may assist in subsidizing the move.

In situations in which SRAAC has endorsed a request from an investigator or department to relocate an investigator, all or the major burden of the expense must be paid by the investigator or department.

A list of relocated equipment must be provided to the appropriate department staff so inventory records are properly maintained.

A list of relocated personnel must be provided to the PI’s department.

SRAAC request procedure

  1. If space CANNOT be accommodated for the new recruit/faculty within the department’s own space, please fill out the SRAAC Space Request Form with a contact person who is familiar with the request.
  2. Include a justification of space request and include why recruit cannot be accommodated in the space.
  3. Under the justification section, include the approximate number and type of personnel who may occupy the space.
  4. Be sure to include funding and current space allocation (if existing faculty/PI).
  5. Please add a contact person who is familiar to the space request.
  6. No departmental space is available for a specific request.
  7. Make sure to include the Department Chair’s signature on the request.

Return to SRAAC Administrator, E.J. Villamin and copy the SCRAAC Chair, Hoda Anton-Culver, and Associate Chair, Francesco Tombola, and copy Vice Dean of Basic Research, Geoff Abbott.