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  • NIH Reporter
    • This is a public, searchable database that allows users to query current and past funded NIH research via a wide variety of data elements. This can be used to find NIH program staff, projects like yours, and even potential collaborators.
    • RDU flyer on NIH Reporter
  • Assisted Referral Tool and other NIH sites flyer
  • Center for Scientific Review: Find a Study Section – Master directory of all study review sections (integrated review groups, special emphasis panels, standing, etc.). The Rosters & Meetings resource shows who served on past study panels and can help clarify the expertise represented.
  • The Role of the NIH Program Officer-NIH Extramural Nexus: Program Officials (POs) in the NIH institutes/centers (ICs) serve as your scientific and programmatic contacts. This post clarifies what POs can and can’t do, how to identify the correct PO, and tips to reaching out to a PO.
  • NIH Peer Review Revealed: This video provides a front-row seat to a NIH peer review meeting. Real scientists from the scientific community review fictional but realistic grant applications for scientific merit.
  • NIH Funding Programs by Career Stage Thinking about a career in research or wondering how to move forward in your journey to becoming an independent researcher? Explore this new interactive infographic to get to know the different programs by career stage, learn useful tips, and better understand the lingo of NIH funding.

NIH released a new Data Management and Sharing Policy, effective Jan. 25, 2023, which requires the submission of a Data Management and Sharing Plan as part of all proposals for research that will generate scientific data. The NIH expects that the data generated will be shared broadly at the conclusion of the research.

The following resources are available now for developing your plan:

  • UCI Libraries has a wealth of resources on their page including the DMPTool and is available for 1:1 consultations.
  • Learn more about this new NIH policy and read the FAQs.
  • NIH released sample DMS plans and information on how to budget for this new requirement.
  • The NIH held a two-part webinar series. View the recordings and slide decks here.
  • The UCISOM Office of Research held an informational webinar on Tuesday, November 8, 2022. View the recording and slides.
  • The UCI Office of Research (OR) held an informational webinar on Tuesday, January 10, 2023. View the recording. The OR also released human subjects research consent language for the DMS policy.

The School of Medicine Office of Research holds informational webinars covering various topics.

  • NIH P & U mechanism
  • NIH Biosketch
  • NIH S10 mechanism

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