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What do I want to be known for as a researcher?

How crowded is the field? Given the competition, can I build a national reputation in this area?

What questions do I want to answer through my research?

Why are these questions significant? Innovative? Fundable?

What further skills/knowledge/abilities do I need to acquire?

What UCI research services/cores will be needed for this project?

What research collaborations at UCI do I need to develop to conduct this project? What external research collaborations (academic and/or industrial) do I need to develop this project?

How many people will I need in my lab? What qualities/expertise will they need? Where will I get them from?

How much will it cost to conduct this project?

Are multiple grants necessary? What would my optimal funding portfolio look like (e.g., R01, foundation grant, corporate contract, internal pilot funds)?

Who can give me advice and critical feedback on each of the above questions?