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Physician scientists are physicians (MDs or DOs with or without additional degrees) who devote regular components of their professional effort to seeking new knowledge about health, disease, or delivery of patient care through research. While all physicians receive training in medical science, physician scientists are trained to conduct independent scientific investigations in the laboratory, clinic or other settings.

The UCI Physician Scientist Collective (PSC) is a platform and community for physician scientists to learn, collaborate and advance their careers. We offer programs and events tailored to the needs of physician scientists at different stages of their careers. These events occur throughout the academic year (September to June).

Bimonthly Seminar Series

These seminars feature distinguished speakers from various medical disciplines at academic institutions around the country who will share their experiences and insights on physician scientist careers.

Bimonthly Educational Seminars

We have designed educational seminars in collaboration with UCI Research Centers to develop the research skills of physician scientists on campus. These seminars will provide a forum for physician scientists to learn about new techniques and methods that may be useful in their research projects. 



There are no upcoming events.

Previous Events

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