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Dr. Parekh meets with new Assistant and Associate Professors to welcome you to UC Irvine, answer questions about getting started at UC Irvine, and inform you about resources available to you. The goals of this program include:

  • Build professional network at UC Irvine
  • Opportunity to engage with other Non-Senate HS Faculty outside of the home department. 
  • Have an opportunity to discuss issues without fear of retaliation
  • Learn about resources available at UC Irvine for Professional Development 
  • Understand how to prepare for Merit File Review and review role of Tracking Sheet
  • Creation of teaching portfolio
  • Foster an environment of inclusiveness
  • Coaching on wellness and burnout prevention

This program will allow new HS faculty to meet new colleagues, and have the opportunity to ask questions and create a community for new faculty. Participation is voluntary but highly encouraged.  

This program will consist of a series of Zoom meetings and Microsoft Teams Channels.  The Zoom meetings will consist of topics related to professional development and career advancement for Non-Senate HS Faculty. A Microsoft teams channel is available for new junior faculty. Please contact TJ Kennedy ( if you have not been added.  The channel will be used to post pertinent articles and information as it relates to professional development.  In addition, there will be a secure chat/discussion line to answer questions without any fear of retaliation.

Slack Channel for Junior Senate Faculty

Dr. Cummings hosts a slack channel for junior faculty where we discuss issues as they come up in real time, and stay connected with others in the same boat as you. Join to meet other junior faculty and share ideas, experiences, and support.

Learn how to set expectations for your residents, interns and fellows, how to give feedback, or improve the learning environment. Check out a series of excellent short videos of particular relevance to junior clinicians produced by the University of Alabama.


The keys to a successful mentoring relationship include:

  • Mutual respect and understanding
  • Meeting on a regular schedule
  • Establishing clear goals and expectations
  • Measuring outcomes
  • Keeping discussions confidential — with no feedback being given to supervisors or department chairs

The Office of Academic Affairs awards four annual awards to recognize excellence and innovation in mentoring at UCI School of Medicine — specifically in the domain of faculty mentoring other faculty (not students). Each awardee receives a cash reward, a plaque and is interviewed, along with their mentee, by an associate dean about their experience, insights and advice on faculty mentoring. The four award categories are: Innovation in Mentoring Award, Equity and Diversity in Mentoring Award, Basic Science Faculty Mentor of the Year and Clinical Faculty Mentor of the Year. Calls for nominations will be sent each spring.


Learn more & submit a nomination