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Faculty may hold paid administrative appointments at less than 100% time. In these positions, faculty will be paid equitably based upon the requirements of the position. To promote this equitability, the below policy has been created between the School of Medicine and the Office of Academic Personnel.

NOTE: If an administrative appointment ends mid-year or before the expiration date in the letter, please immediately notify the School of Medicine Offices of Finance and Academic Affairs. They will work with you to ensure the appointment and its associated compensation are ended.

  • Associate Dean*^
  • Senior Associate Dean*^
  • Vice Dean*^
  • Department Chair*^
  • Department Vice Chair
  • Director*
  • Associate Director
  • Faculty Assistant to the Dean
  • Interim/Acting appointments in the aforementioned titles*

*Titles that require a search process to be submitted to the Office of Academic Personnel.
^Titles that require a five-year review as defined by the Office of Academic Personnel.