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GMEC Leaders

  • Kyle Ahn, MD, Associate Dean for Graduate Medical Education/DIO; GMEC Chair
  • Daniel Kang, MD, Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education
  • Laura Fitzmaurice, MD, Assistant Dean for Graduate Medical Education
  • Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin, MD, Vice Dean for Medical Education
  • Courtney Strayer, Director for Graduate Medical Education

Program Leadership Voting Members

  • Afshan Baraghoush, MD, Program Director, Internal Medicine
  • Amber Leis, MD, Program Director, Plastic Surgery
  • Bi-Ying Yeh, MD, Program Director, PM&R
  • Brian Smith, MD, Program Director, Surgery
  • Cary Johnson, MD, Program Director, Pathology
  • David Donaldson, MD, Program Director, Cardiovascular Disease
  • David Floriolli, MD, Program Director, Radiology
  • Dawn Lombardo, MD, Associate Program Director, Cardiovascular Disease
  • Gregory Rafijah, MD, Program Director, Hand Surgery
  • John Hann, MD, Program Director, Family Medicine
  • John Luo, MD, Program Director, Psychiatry
  • John Scolaro, MD Program Director, Orthopaedic Surgery,
  • Julia Bregand-White, MD, Program Director, OB/GYN
  • Kate McCartney, MD, Program Director, Anesthesiology
  • Kira Molas-Torreblanca, DO, Program Director, Pediatrics
  • Lilit Mnatsakanyan, MD, Program Director, Neurology
  • Maki Yamamoto, MD, Associate Program Director, Surgery
  • Matthew Dolich, MD, Program Director, Surgical Critical Care
  • Shannon Toohey, MD, Program Director, Emergency Medicine

Quality and Patient Safety Representatives Voting Members

  • Lauren Gibson, Quality Improvement & Patient Safety Officer, UCI Health Quality and Safety Office
  • Kurt Leininger, MD, Anesthesiology, PGY 4, President of the Housestaff Safety Officers

Resident Voting Members

  • Alex Dang, MD, Emergency Medicine, PGY 3
  • Ann Nguyen Pham, MD, OB/GYN, PGY 3
  • Dina Khoury, MD, Psychiatry, PGY 3
  • Ekaterina Tiourin, MD, Plastic Surgery, PGY 3
  • Eloho Akpovi, MD, OBGYN, PGY 3
  • Eshita B. Shah, MD, Neurology, PGY 3
  • Mithya Morton, MD Pediatrics, PGY 2
  • Omotayo Arowojolu, MD, Plastic Surgery, PGY 4
  • Perisa Ruhi-Williams, MD General Surgery, PGY 4
  • Richard (Trey) Wells, MD Anesthesiology, PGY 4
  • Robert Tungate, MD, Cardiology, PGY 4
  • Shuang An Liang, MD, Pediatrics, PGY 2
  • Susan Wang, MD, Family Medicine, PGY 3
  • Theodora Wong, MD, PM&R, PGY 3
  • Thomas Duong, Radiology, MD PGY 4
  • Tyler Liang, MD, Surgery, PGY 4
  • Valerie Pooudomsak, MD, Psychiatry, PGY 3