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With the assistance of a full interdisciplinary team that comprises attending physicians, psychiatric nurses, psychiatric technicians, occupational therapists, case managers, social workers and medical students, residents develop mastery of the biopsychosocial approach to patient care.

Exposure to psychotherapy starts during the second year. Residents will find ample exposure to a broad spectrum of individual interests, including:

Academic Psychiatry | Psychiatry Administration | Child & Adolescent Psychiatry | Community Psychiatry | Consultation/Liaison Psychiatry | Emergency Psychiatry | Forensic Psychiatry | Geriatric Psychiatry | Integrated Psychiatry | Substance Abuse Treatment

Faculty hold key positions in local psychoanalytic, cognitive/behavioral, gestalt, transpersonal and intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy institutes. Our program believes that mentorship is important. All residents are carefully supervised by faculty throughout their residency training.

During the last year of residency, there is ample time for clinical, administrative, teaching and research electives. These fourth-year electives provide the breadth of exposure and flexibility needed to effectively prepare for post-residency careers.

Additionally, residents are required to attend weekly half-day didactics and chief rounds, grand rounds and conferences. The selected conferences for this program are the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting, Association of Medicine and Psychiatry Annual Meeting and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine SLEEP Meeting.

Weeks 1–4 UCI Med Psych IP LBVA Addiction
Weeks 5–8 UCI Med Psych IP UCI C&L
Weeks 9–12 LBVA Neuro OP VLR wk 9
Night Float wk 10-12
Weeks 13–16 LBVA Acute Psych IP Recovery Week wk 13
VLR wk 14–16
Weeks 17–20 UCI Acute Psych IP UCI C&L
Weeks 21–24 UCI Medicine OP LBVA Geriatrics IP
Weeks 25–28 UCI C&L UCI Acute Psych IP
Weeks 29–32 UCI Med Psych IP UCI Forensics/ECT
Weeks 33–36 UCI Medicine OP UCI CAP Psych IP
Weeks 37–40 UCI Medicine IP UCI ECT+Intake OP
Weeks 45–48 LBVA Neuro OP UCI Forensics/ECT
Weeks 45–48 UCI Medicine IP UCI CAP Psych IP
Weeks 49–52 UCI Acute Psych IP Night Float wk 49–50
Recovery wk 51
VLR wk 52
Monday Geriatrics Med Psych
Med Psych Women's Health
Tuesday General Student Health
Administrative Time PHP/IOP
Wednesday Mood Administrative Time
Didactics Didactics
Thursday Thought Disorder Orange County Mental Health
Adolescent Orange County Mental Health
Friday TAY Geriatrics
Anxiety Sleep Medicine


  • Week 1: Tuesday, Saturday
  • Week 2: Thursday
  • Week 3: Sunday
  • Week 4: Wednesday



  • Week 1: Saturday
  • Week 2: Thursday
  • Week 3: Tuesday
  • Week 4: Friday


  • Week 1: Saturday
  • Week 2: Thursday
  • Week 3: Tuesday
  • Week 4: None

Resident Salary & Benefits

For current information regarding resident salary and benefits, please visit the Residents & Fellows Salary, Benefits, Policies page on our UCI Graduate Medical Education website.

Resident Rachel Sunico at UCI Medical Center. Photography by Paul Kennedy.