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Teamwork is essential in the fight against cancer. Our goal at UCI Radiation Oncology is to create a collegial work environment where everybody is treated with the utmost respect and the free exchange of ideas is promoted. We take pride in fostering a community based on inclusiveness and belonging, where individual differences are to be celebrated. We also recognize that employee engagement is vital to the success of the organization and are committed to creating a workplace where people feel valued, appreciated, and loved. At the same time, faculty and staff work together to push the limits of their collective imagination and capabilities to discover new possibilities. Fighting cancer is a team sport, and only by nurturing a winning environment can success be achieved. This starts with creating a culture of collaboration and tolerance in everything we do.

The UCI Department of Radiation Oncology places a high value on professionalism and institutional citizenship.  All members of the Department are expected to serve as models of professionalism, exhibiting a commitment to service, honesty, lifelong learning and open and respectful communication.  In accordance with Principles of Community espoused by the University of California, our department is committed to promoting an environment that supports every person in an atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation, professionalism, and fairness. Realization of this commitment requires awareness and active participation by every member of our community.

We Strive to Be:


We seek to advance the goals of the University through responsive and efficient work practices and communications.


We practice integrity in every aspect of our work.


We believe that the exchange of ideas requires mutual respect and consideration of our differences.


We embrace diversity in all its forms and we strive for a community that fosters an open, inclusive and productive environment in an atmosphere of mutual respect.


We support fairness, respect for individual dignity and equitable access to resources, recognition and rewards.


We practice mutual respect, trust and support to foster bonds that strengthen working relationships.


We celebrate the heritage, achievements and diversity of the community and the contributions of our members.