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Our department not only ensures the academic success of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars but also provides avenues for career and professional growth. We offer seminars, workshops, and other events focused on career development and skill set training tailored for academic, industry and government job sectors. Additionally, the department hosts a biweekly Career & Professional Development Club, led by Harinder Singh, PhD, Associate Director of Graduate and Postdoctoral Success. Some of the examples of events organized by the club include events on careers in:

  • Industry Research
  • Scientific & Medical Writing
  • Science Policy
  • Field Application Scientist
  • Medical Science Liaison

Additionally, the department offers a teaching training session called 'Teaching-how-to-teach' for graduate students, spanning two quarters. The program provides specific training on syllabus design, evidence-based slide design, writing effective learning objectives, active learning, gamification in education, and formative and summative assessment methods during the first quarter. The second quarter focuses on student teaching presentations and receiving feedback from peers. This training program is directed by Todd Holmes, PhD, and Harinder Singh, PhD, of the Department of Physiology & Biophysics.

Mentoring and Conflict Resolution 
In addition to professional development, the department places high emphasis on mentoring graduate students and postdoctoral trainees and provides avenues for relationship building and any possible conflict resolution between mentors and mentees.

If you experience any kind of mentoring difficulties during your research training or need support navigating the academic landscape, please reach out to Harinder Singh, PhD, Associate Director of Graduate & Postdoctoral Success at