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Empowering Cancer Care

UCI Radiation Oncology is dedicated to supporting cancer patients throughout their journey, providing expert specialists who focus exclusively on specific cancer types.

We understand that a diagnosis of cancer is a life-changing event and that our patients want everything in their power to fight this terrible disease. At UCI Radiation Oncology, our goal is to partner with you along every step of this journey so that the fullest confidence can be ensured with treatment. Through their commitment to research, education, as well as to providing the highest level of compassionate care, our specialists represent the ‘best of the best’ in their respective areas of expertise. Indeed, when selecting UCI for your care, know that you will be cared for by an expert specialist who focuses exclusively on your cancer type, not just a generalist who dabbles in a little bit of everything.

Virtually all medical advancements are born out of research, and UCI Radiation Oncology is at the forefront of discovery, ranking among the top programs in the country with respect to funding by the National Institutes of Health. One glimpse of our research programs is like peering into the future. Our investigators are committed to creating impactful and sustainable biomedical research initiatives, developing innovative research teams, designing the most groundbreaking clinical trials, and harnessing loads of data to optimize evidence-based medicine.

Ultimately, our mission at UCI Radiation Oncology is to deliver the highest treatment quality in the most compassionate and caring environment. Considering that over 200 types of cancer are treated here annually, our team of experienced specialists is consistently working to find ways to customize care to the individual, taking into consideration the physical, biological, and emotional factors that make human beings unique. After all, our motto is that “we treat people, not disease.” Thus, our commitment to patients is to respect individuality, to recognize what makes each person unique and special, and to personalize care to the utmost.

UCI Radiation Oncology is genuinely a special place, and the fundamental pillars for better health outcomes—clinical care, research, education—are what drive us in our passions and what we set out to accomplish every day. We invite you and your loved ones to learn about what academic medicine can truly offer.

UC Irvine’s Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center has been the only National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center in Orange County since 1994. Of the 5,000 cancer centers nationally, this elite accreditation is only given to 1.3% of cancer centers that demonstrate excellence in research (laboratory, clinical, population-based) across multiple disciplines, serve the local community and a broader population, and integrate cancer research into multi-disciplinary cancer treatment so that the fullest potential for cure can be attained.

This designated status is crucial to advancing patient care because: 

  • 70% of all research funding from the NCI is awarded to these centers
  • Provides patients access to therapies before they become available to the general public
  • Support for training scientists, physicians and other professionals
  • Newest laboratory and imaging facilities
  • Inter-disciplinary teamwork that establishes optimized care pathways
  • Ensures that our patients always have access to the most cutting edge, sophisticated therapies often pioneered from our own research laboratories
  • Our doctors are also internationally respected academicians and researchers