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Radiation oncology is a team-based specialty requiring complex coordination between faculty and staff members to ensure that the highest quality of care is delivered. The team is led by radiation oncologists, who are physicians that have been specially trained and are experts in the multi-disciplinary treatment of disease. Each of our physicians at UCI Health have specialized areas of expertise and understand how radiation can be integrated in the context of surgery and/or chemotherapy for cancer. All team members have a vital role in ensuring that each patient receives the highest quality treatment plan delivered with a focus on clinical quality, safety and individualized care.

Fighting cancer demands a comprehensive team approach. Our radiation oncology team includes radiation oncologists, radiation therapists, physicists, dosimetrists and oncology-certified nurses. Together we develop a treatment plan tailored to your unique cancer or benign disease. We use the latest radiation therapy technologies and equipment to ensure the best patient experience.  The team members consist of the following: