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Portrait of Julie Youm

The success of any medical school depends on its commitment to continuous quality improvement.

The Office of Education Compliance and Quality provides central oversight for the UCI School of Medicine's ongoing self-assessment and quality improvement activities. These activities include the systematic reviews of course, curriculum and institutional performance, using meaningful outcome measures and quality data.

Our team assists in the development of compliance tracking systems as well as institutional policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The office also oversees monitoring, training and strategy for all education accreditation activities.

Central to the successful execution of continuous quality improvement is the involvement of key stakeholders in the assessment and planning of the school’s activities and priorities. At UCI, faculty and trainees work collaboratively in the evaluation and development of academic priorities and programming for the school.

This united model for quality improvement creates a dynamic and cutting-edge educational experience for all students and residents.

The UCI School of Medicine is proud of its commitment to continuous quality improvement and welcomes your involvement!

Julie Youm, PhD
Associate Dean, Education Compliance and Quality
UCI School of Medicine