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Diversity is a core value that invigorates the mission of UCI School of Medicine: Discover. Teach. Heal.

In promoting excellence in biomedical sciences in Orange County and beyond, our faculty, students and staff members advance a model of health, healing and well-being that is culturally sensitive, focused on the individual and responsive to our community.

We affirm our commitment to the recruitment, admission, hiring, promotion and education of talented students, faculty and staff members whose backgrounds reflect California’s rich ethnic and cultural diversity.

We embrace and celebrate differences of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, language, veteran status, disability and socio-economic status as they inform our world view.

We are committed to gender equity in the recruitment and retention of faculty and senior administrative staff members as well as training disadvantaged students and those with potential to work with underserved groups, in particular California's Latino population.

By intentionally embracing excellence through diversity, we intend to build and support an inclusive and educational framework that prepares future physicians to provide excellent care for diverse patient populations and also promotes excellence in research, education and service to the community.