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UCI School of Medicine Recognizes Black History Month: Sophia Ederaine, MD

Posted: 2024-02-15

Source: UCI School of Medicine
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Sophia Ederaine, MD, PGY-2 in the Department of Dermatology, also looks heavily to her personal experiences in the Southern California community as a primary motivator in her professional career. Ederaine has been praised by her peers as an example of professionalism, altruism and dedication; a doctor who always seeks to establish personal connections with patients at the continuity clinic at the Tibor Rubin VA Medical Center.

Prior to joining UC Irvine, she grew up in the Riverside area and completed her internship at Riverside Community Hospital, within a county where there are currently no practicing Black dermatologists. “As a Black physician, I recognize the challenges of fitting into a field where representation remains scarce. It's essential for Black patients to feel heard and understood, especially in dermatology where skin needs vary across ethnicities,” says Ederaine. “Providing exceptional education on skin of color isn't just a luxury, it's our obligation to our patients.” Beyond the outstanding care she provides as part of UC Irvine, Ederaine also volunteers at free clinics and is passionately dedicated to promoting research and medical knowledge regarding the dermatological treatment of people of color.

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