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PRIME LEAD-ABC Student Spotlight: Aeryus Holloway, MS4

Posted: 2024-04-09

Source: UCI School of Medicine
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What made you choose UCI? In the last few years, UCI has made a noticeable effort to increase diversity throughout the healthcare field. Establishing a program such as PRIME LEAD-ABC (Leadership Education to Advance Diversity—African, Black, and Caribbean) which is dedicated to the development of aspiring physicians that want to serve underserved communities, further shows UCI’s dedication to addressing the needs of those that can be often overlooked. I wanted to be a part of UCI’s growth and learn from those that are at the forefront for this change.

What have you learned as part of PRIME LEAD-ABC:
That we have a lot of work. The mistrust for physicians among the minority population can be alarming. Furthermore, the access to consistent healthcare greatly differs which can lead to disproportionate patient outcomes. While this is still prevalent, through PRIME LEAD-ABC I have seen that there is hope. By having more diversity within our physicians ranks we have seen an increase in satisfaction and trust among the minority population. PRIME LEAD-ABC has shown me just how valuable of a role I can play, moreover, taught me how to insert myself in such a role with confidence.

Tell us a great UCI story:
Being a part of the COVID-19 PRIME LEAD-ABC cohort, we entered medical school at a very peculiar time, but it allowed us some unique opportunities to be involved in the community. We partnered with a vaccine clinic where we were able to not only speak with community and hear their concerns, but also learn and administer vaccines as well. As a first-year medical student being able to be a “first-line healthcare worker” was a cool experience that I will never forget.

Future area of practice: Orthopedic Surgery

Matched with: University of Arizona-Phoenix