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UCI’s Department of Medicine iTEQC research program aims to develop innovative and personalized technical solutions to advance the healthcare decision-making process, improving patient outcomes and lowering costs.  

Technological and scientific advancements have turned the medical landscape into a complex terrain with numerous options and choices for most treatment decisions. There is rarely a single best option and outcomes of choices are often uncertain. The iTEQC research program provides strategic and scientific leadership in the development of tools and web applications that can help patients, physicians and policymakers in decision-making. 

Nurse talking with patient in wheelchair outside

Seeking Solutions 

The tools we develop enable decision-makers to better understand their options, understand the implications of their choices, examine their personal preferences and combine outcomes, probabilities and preferences to arrive at the best choice for them. Decision-makers who benefit from iTEQC solutions include: patients and their families in making a choice of treatment, provider and insurance; physicians and other clinicians in making a choice of treatment and making a referral choice; and policymakers (at all levels) in making policy choices.

Students and faculty working together

Our Expertise 

Program members have a wealth of expertise in analyzing big data sets (clinical, economic and policy data), developing decision aids, using principles of decision sciences, ensuring that all application designs meet users’ needs and usability requirements, and rigorously testing all applications in clinical environments and randomized control trials. Dedicated to working collaboratively to improve the quality of healthcare, iTEQC members frequently work together with patients, health providers, scientists and policymakers and provide training opportunities for students and visiting scholars.