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Office Location



Director:Edmund Hsu, MD

3800 W. Chapman Ave. Suite 3200 Orange, CA.


Coordinator: Ann Rad

3800 W. Chapman Ave. Suite 3200 Orange, CA.



Students are required to complete enough shifts to perform a minimum of 75 ultrasounds per week on ED patients. Indications, limitations, Knobology, and image acquisition will be emphasized in the following areas: cardiac, lung, ocular, intestinal, gallbladder, renal, aorta, endovaginal, trauma, DVT and procedural guidance.   


This course is intended for third and fourth-year students enrolled in the undergraduate medical education program at UCI School of Medicine. 


This course is intended for third and fourth-year students enrolled in the undergraduate medical education program at UCI School of Medicine.  


Dr. Fox has worked in higher education since 2001.  Through two consecutive grants from the UniHealth Foundation Dr. Fox developed and published a unique four-year integrated point-of-care ultrasound curriculum for UCI medical students, making UCI the second medical school in the United States to integrate ultrasound into medical education.  The curriculum he developed has been emulated and repurposed at over thirty medical schools throughout the nation.  Dr. Fox is a Professor of Clinical Emergency Medicine and has been appointed chair of the UCI School of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine.   

Nora Perez-Moreno and Brenda Nash are the course coordinators for 627A course.


Who to Report to on First Day: You will be emailed an orientation packet and attending schedule once you have been confirmed for the course. You will report to Dr. Fox during the scheduled Quality Assurance (QA) meeting during the first week of your rotation elective unless stated otherwise in the orientation email that you will receive at minimum two weeks prior to your start date. 

Location to Report on First Day: Department of Emergency Medicine, 3800 W. Chapman Ave. Suite 3200, Orange, CA 92868, 714-456-5239 (Dr. Fox’s Office) 

Time to Report on First Day: During QA scheduled meeting

SITE: UCI Medical Center – Emergency Department. UCI Campus in Irvine, CA (for ultrasound clinical foundation teaching sessions to underclassmen) 

DURATION: MS4 students must take four weeks. Only MS3 students are eligible to take this elective as a two-week elective.

Scheduling Coordinator: UCI students please call 714-456-8462 to make a scheduling appointment.  

Periods Available: The time of the course must be pre-approved by the elective director at least three months prior to the start of the course. No exceptions. 

NUMBER OF STUDENTS ALLOWED: Six per block (4 UCI, 2 non-UCI)



Questions about logistics should be directed to the Course Coordinator. Direct questions, comments, or concerns about the course to the Course Director. Contact information and office location are at the beginning of this document. 

The Course Director is also available to meet in person.  Please email Nora Perez-Moreno to arrange an appointment. To ensure that your email will not be lost in the large volume of email received, please use the following convention for the subject line:   

SUBJECT: COURSE NAME, your last name, your issue (e.g. XXX, Smith, Request for appointment) 

Course Objective

Mapped UCI School of Medicine Program Objective

Sub Competency

Core Competency

Knowledgeable in the structure and function of the major organ systems including the heart, kidneys, vascular, soft tissue, lung, ocular, intestinal, hepatobiliary, splenic, and genitourinary. Students will also be routinely expected to diagnose disease states commonly found in the emergency department using their skills of bedside ultrasound.

A-1. Knowledge of the structure and function of the major organ systems, including the molecular, biochemical and cellular mechanisms for maintaining homeostasis

B-3. The ability to articulate a cogent, accurate assessment and plan, and problem list, using diagnostic clinical reasoning skills in all the major disciplines

Structure and Function of Organ Systems / Patient Management

Knowledgeable / Skillful

Integrate the results of their bedside ultrasound into the patient's clinical scenario in order to affect a treatment or disposition. This often involves using the information derived from the ultrasound to necessitate an emergency lifesaving procedure, or medications.

B-5. The ability to practice effective preventive medicine by identifying, addressing and advocating for strategies to maintain health and well-being, to identify and treat disease early where appropriate and to advise on lifestyle practices

Patient Management


Knowledgeable and skillful of bedside ultrasound that has far reaching possibilities to enhance the needs of underserved patients locally, nationally and internationally.

C-4. The commitment to seek knowledge and skills to better serve the needs of the underserved in their communities

Cultural and Social Awareness



  • Navigate to your podcast app. 
  • Search for “fox ultrasound” – You will then come to his Collection of podcasts. 
  • Go to and find topics of your liking. There are many to choose from. 
  • Alternatively: Review the textbook entitled "Emergency Ultrasound" by Ma and Mateer (3rd edition). A copy is in the resident workroom, and here it is on amazon.
  • UCI Ultrasound iBooks (only available on Apple products) 


Session Title


Emergency Department - Scan Shifts

UC Irvine Medical Center 101 The City Drive South, Orange, CA. 92868

Weekly Quality Assurance meeting

3800 W. Chapman Ave. Suite 3200, Orange, CA 92868

Clinical Foundation Ultrasound Sessions

836 Medical Education building, Irvine CA 92697
2nd Floor Clinical Skills Center

Journal Club



Medical Student Dermpath Quiz administered at the end of the rotation


Medical Students are graded using the following scale: Honors (H), Pass (P), Fail (F), and Incomplete (I). For further information, please review the Grading Policy. 

You have 30 days from the date of the grade to appeal any aspect of this grade.  Please contact your Clerkship/course Director should you have any questions 

The student will receive a grade of Honors, Pass or Fail. For current UCI students: the student's final grade will be submitted on the standard UCI elective form. For non UCI (external students): lease have your school's credentialing coordinator email your school's evaluation form to be completed by Dr. Chris Fox, MD to The student will be evaluated by Chris Fox, MD, attendings and residents in the areas of ultrasound competency and performance. 

Requirements for “Pass” 

To receive a grade of Pass, students must demonstrate successful performance in all of the following areas:

  • Knowledge
  • Patient Care
  • Practice-Based Learning
  • Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Systems-Based Practice 

Requirements for “Honors” 

To receive a grade of Honors, students must demonstrate exceptional performance in all of the following areas: 

  • Knowledge
  • Patient Care
  • Practice-Based Learning
  • Interpersonal & Communication Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Systems-Based Practice 

Grounds for “Incomplete”

You will not be issued a grade until all elements of the course have been completed. 


Remediation, if needed, will be designed by the course director to suit the issue at hand.  

Grounds for “Fail”: You will receive a grade of "Fail" if the requirements for passing the course have not been met. Please refer to the Grading Policy for the impact of the "Fail" grade to the transcript.