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Headshot of Peter Donovan

At the UCI School of Medicine Office of Graduate Studies, we aim to develop the next generation of scientific leaders focused on addressing major health issues facing our community, our nation and our world. Scientists committed to finding solutions for tackling emerging crises, future pandemics and the health impacts brought about by climate change, not to mention old foes like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.  

Comprised of an active community of diverse scholars, we are dedicated to excellence in original research, teaching, creative expression and intellectual leadership. Through our advanced degrees, we cultivate individuals who work together to bring knowledge, innovation and best practices to meet the great challenges of our evolving world. Our classes and research opportunities engage award-winning faculty who are active in their respective academic, clinical and research fields and are dedicated to student success. 

We take a truly holistic approach to training, believing that we need to develop more than just a great bench scientist, but rather individuals who can communicate well with other scientists and the lay public alike.  Individuals who know how to work in collaborative teams, support a diverse and inclusive work environment and be empowered to take risks. 

Whether you have completed an undergraduate degree, a master’s degree or hold a doctoral degree, we can help advance your career through our exceptional MS, PhD and Postdoctoral programs. As a professional with an advanced degree, you will be qualified for a career of your choosing in academic research, private industry, healthcare, government or other venture. Whether you see yourself working on cures for diseases, developing new technologies or improving human health, we at UCI are committed to helping you achieve your goals. Please explore our website and program offerings and contact us!

In closing, the response to the Covid pandemic saw the scientific community respond across disciplines in a way that made me proud to be a scientist. I trust you will find similar inspiration in your graduate or postdoctoral academic journey. Go for what you want in your life. Science awaits you!

With warm regards,

Peter Donovan, PhD
Associate Dean for Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Professor, Department of Biological Chemistry
UCI School of Medicine