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A large group of UCI doctors standing in white coats in front of the UCI Medical Center
Faculty Series

The UCI School of Medicine faculty series consists of Line, In-Residence, Clinical X, Adjunct, and HS Clinical.

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One doctor in a white coat sitting at a computer instructing two other doctors in white coats
HS Clinical, WOS and Volunteer Faculty

The UCI Health Sciences possess Without Salary and Volunteer faculty who work at our hospitals and affiliate institutions.

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A new building in the School of Medicine under construction
Recall, Leave, and Adverse Actions

The School of Medicine and UC Irvine has additional actions that include recall, leave, and adverse. Please see this page for more details and variations.

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Merit & Promotion Resources

A promotion is an advancement from one rank to a higher rank within this series. A change from a title in another series to a title in this series (possibly involving an increase in salary) is not defined as a promotion or merit increase, but as an appointment.

 A merit increase is an advancement in salary step or to an above-scale salary rate without change of rank.

AP Review System

AP Review, a system which routes academic personnel review files electronically e.g, Review files for all faculty and non-faculty academics must be uploaded into the Review system, with the following exceptions:  Postdoctoral files, Review files for Chairs, files for faculty with split titles or appointments that are split between two or more departments.

Voting Guidelines

Use the vote grids below when assembling review files; abstaining votes and votes against a specified review action must be noted in the comments.  The grid must note whether the Chair votes with or separate from the department faculty.

Review Periods

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Academic Advisory Review Committees

Non-Faculty Academics

Looking for Non-Faculty Academics?